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Here is the ordering form for security tickets and custom gift vouchers. We wont be trying to collect any money from you now, just simply taking your order request and getting all the details. If you would prefer, you can email us your order instead, make sure to include all the relevant details that we ask for below.


First we ask that you give your order a Job Name that we will reference to from now on. The job name needs to be relevant to your order, NOT "My Ticket" or "Daves Ticket" but something like your event name, promotion name, or venue. Keep it short and snappy.

Job Name :


This is where you must specify what you want to print. You can opt for one of our off-the-peg packages or specify everything that you want.

Security Tickets or Gift Vouchers :

Package :


Quantity :

Security Stamping :

In Books of : (Books smaller than 20 incur a £15 per thousand surcharge)

Reverse Printing :


Whether you have selected a package or built your own order, you must specify how many parts you want your ticket to be perforated in to, and also what colour you would like it to be :

How many Parts do you require : (3-Part is the Standard)

Paper Colour :


If you have designed your own ticket using our pro templates, you can upload the files below. We accept PSD, JPG, PDF or TIFF files.


If you want us to create a design for you, you can upload your Word document template here, along with any logos or images you want included in your design. Do not put pictures in to the Word document - please send them seperately. If there are multiple files, please ZIP, RAR or STUFFIT them all together into an Archive and then attach below. Below you can upload DOC, TXT, JPG, GIF and ZIP files.

Attach File :

File to upload:

File to upload:

(Max file size 2MB)



Type the text you require below and we will create a design for you (feel free to attach any logos you need above):

· If you prefer you can email you artwork or design request to us, just leave this section blank and put the Job Name in the email Subject.



Your Name :

Your Email* : (required)
(This will be used to send Ticket Proofs and Payment Invoice)

Delivery Address :
(This is the Delivery Address and must be available 9am - 5pm weekdays. We do not send paper invoices, so do not require an invoice address.)

Contact Number* : (required)


If you have attached files, please give this form a few seconds to upload them. This may take some time depending on your connection speed!
Please only press the button once!

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