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Ticket Design Specifications

If you are designing your own tickets, please read the following information carefully.

To design your own tickets you will need high-end design software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Express or JASC's Paint Shop Pro.

Packages such as Microsoft Word or Publisher cannot produce print-quality images, so please do not submit final designs in these formats. We use currently only use Word to view templates of tickets that need designing, and we use other programs after this to design the ticket artwork.

Print-ready artwork should only be supplied to us in the following formats :

. Designed at a minimum of 250dpi in Grayscale.

Do not supply artwork in CDR, PPS, PPT, DOC, GIF, AI formats!


Guidelines for Designers

- We print in Mono, so don't submit full colour artwork.
- Always ensure you leave a bleed around the edges of the ticket - this is symbolized on the Photoshop templates by Grid Lines (Ctrl+H to toggle) and on the JPG by the black areas.
- If requring a hologram or metallic stamp, please leave room for these (they are hidden layers on the Photoshop document). These normally sit directly over the perforation between the second from last stub and the last stub.
- We use special watermarked paper with security features in, which means full coverage background images DO NOT print properly. The majority of your background should be PLAIN WHITE, with simple, easy to read text.
- Placement of Hologram and Metallic Foil. If you are designing a 2-Part Ticket - please leave room on the large stub for the Hologram or Foil. The Hologram can move along the X-Axis anywhere on the ticket, but if placed over the perforation the Hologram will be broken as soon as you sell a ticket - rendering it pointless! We will try and advise people best practice on this.


Ticket Design Examples

Heres some examples of ticket designs (click to enlarge) - we've left in the perforation marks, ticket numbering and security foils so they are easy to view (but your designs should leave them out!):



Ticket Templates

Please download the Ticket Template below which corresponds with the ticket you would like to order. (use right click / Save Target As...)

Ticket Type
2 Part Ticket Template
Part Measurements
Widths 38mm / 139mm. Height 92mm
3 Part Ticket Template
Part Measurements
Widths 38mm / 38mm / 101mm. Height 92mm
4 Part Ticket Template
Part Measurements
Widths 26mm / 32mm / 32mm / 87mm
Height 92mm
5 Part Ticket Template
Part Measurements
Widths 26mm / 26mm / 26mm / 26mm / 73mm.
Height 92mm  
To Download
Right Click / Save Target As...

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